Sitting back on a shoe box with my grungy boots kicked up on the ledge and good ‘ol Ritchie to keep me company

“I am uneasy at the prospect of it all.”

“Why, when you have so much that can go just right?”

“That’s exactly my fear. That success will somehow catch up with me.”

“Well, when she does, mind, sending her my way? Just two streets down and to the right, actually the left, sixth floor. No need, to knock.”

“Oh, no need to worry. When she gets there, you’ll know..”

“From your mouth to God’s ears!”

“And from God’s ears, to your heart, I say. Why not, when nothing is ever assured in this life? Can go as wrong, as it can go right. So, ain’t got nothin’ to lose with thinking, not what I can’t, but all the unknown possibilities of what I can!”

“Come and see what’s inside…”